Sightmark Laser Bore Sight

For any hunter, amateur or competitive target shooter, or law enforcement officer, the ability to accurately sight your weapon is one of the most important requirements for success. And a quality boresight is perhaps the best method to achieve this end.

So what is a boresight?

To put it simply, a laser bore sight is an instrument that will align your weapon’s barrel and its sight, either a scope or the guns normal iron sights. Usually a boresighting means taking out the bolt, in the case of a rifle, and sighting down the bore of the gun. The gun’s scope or iron sights are then adjusted to aim at the same target as the bore is aimed at.
Boresigting has been around for a long time and while this traditional method is relatively crude and rudimentary, it has and does work reasonably well. However, the modern method today to achieve greater accuracy and consistency is to use a laser boresighter to “illuminate” the target. This method has the laser mounted in  alignment with the barrel so that the laser dot will not move relative to the gun barrel.It does not require any removal of the rifle’s bolt and has become is an effective tool to get better accuracy and also save time and ammunition.

Laser technology has continuously improved, becoming less expensive as well, so that laser boresighters have become more and more popular for sighting in rifles. In one type of laser boresight, the sight is inserted into the chamber and then it projects a laser beam through the barrel to the target. In this option, the laser beam is housed inside a bullet casing that fits the caliber of the rifle you have.

A second type of laser boresight is attached to the barrel of the gun, either mechanically or magnetically. With either of these two types of laser boresights, the gun is aimed and the laser beam dot is put onto the target. Then the gun’s normal sight is aligned with the laser’s dot. Although both of these laser methods are effective, you must remember that due to differences in the trajectory of ammunition and the exact distance to the target, you  will need to fire live ammunition to be able to fine-tune the sighting relative to the target to get the exact accuracy you are after.

Boresighters are now available in a large range of calibers, in the case of the chamber method, for use with the most popular rifles and shotguns. A laserbore sighter is really invaluable to any gun owner today. They are inexpensive and take up almost no space in your gear kit. They will vastly improve your shooting accuracy and overall satisfaction with your performance.

For the best laser boresighters, we heartily recommend Sightmark with it large range of laser sights for most guns on the market today.